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Dr. Linda Grounds

Dr. Linda Grounds
has conducted many forensic psychological evaluations, almost exclusively of individuals facing serious criminal charges including embezzlement, identity theft, drug offenses, assault, and murder. Some of her specific interests include:

  • Psychological evaluations of women who commit serious crimes
  • Psychological assessment of individuals charged with white collar crimes
  • Assessment of competency to aid and assist, to enter a plea and to go to trial, especially in complex cases
  • Evaluation of individuals with a focus on potential mitigation issues
  • Issues of criminal responsibility and mental state at the time of offense conduct
  • Assessment of psychological and intellectual factors relevant to understanding offense conduct and to plea negotiations and sentencing

Dr. Grounds practices with a team approach to forensic psychology that offers the benefit of broad expertise and enhanced research capacity. Team members share Dr. Grounds’ commitment to thorough, balanced, and focused forensic examinations. They identify on-point, peer-reviewed literature on topics relevant to ongoing evaluations, including the most recently released research. Dr. Grounds is involved with every case that her team works on, typically participating in the evaluation and supervising all aspects of the forensic examination, attorney consultation and report preparation.

The current members of the team, their credentials, and interests are:

Holdship Headshot

Dr. Eloïse A. Holdship

Dr. Eloïse A. Holdship received her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University in 2015 and completed her APA-accredited predoctoral internship at the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston, Wyoming. During her internship she conducted forensic and psychological evaluations and provided psychological treatment to both civilly and criminally sanctioned individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Previously, the majority of her training had been in forensic settings, providing supervised inpatient and outpatient sex offender treatment at the Oregon State Hospital and the Center for Behavioral Intervention.

Dr. Holdship’s forensic interests include:

  • Forensic psychological evaluations, especially mitigation evaluations.
    • Particularly cases that involve issues of domestic violence and the complex implications of prolonged abuse, trauma, and persistent mental illness.
  • Evaluation and/or psychotherapy for individuals involved with the criminal justice system specifically:
    • LGB and Trans/Gender-Queer adults.
    • Individuals who are vulnerable to influence, manipulation, and coercion.
    • Gang-affiliated individuals.
    • Individuals facing sex charges or have previous sex offenses.
    • Individuals with complex implications of prolonged abuse, trauma, shame, and/or persistent mental illness as these affect their alleged criminal conduct.

Dr. Holdship has also conducted research on relational aggression as it is predicted by psychopathic traits in male inmates.

Andrea Merg, M.S.

Andrea Merg, M.S.

Andrea Merg, M.S. 
is an advanced doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at Fielding Graduate University.  Her prior practicum work included crisis counseling and anger management with adolescents.  She also worked as a behavior therapist.  Ms. Merg’s interests include forensic psychological evaluation and psychotherapy for individuals involved with the criminal justice system.  She has special interests in work with parents involved in the criminal justice system and in the mental health and reintegration of individuals released from incarceration.  Ms. Merg has conducted research on women’s experience of birth and she has participated in research pertaining to mothering experiences among women with serious mental illness.  Her interest in corrections and forensic assessment led her to Dr. Grounds’ practice.


Melissa Kurkoske, M.A.

Melissa Kurkoske, M.A.



Melissa Kurkoske, M.A. is a doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology Psy.D. program at Pacific University. As part of her clinical training, Ms. Kurkoske has worked in a correctional setting conducting a variety of assessments and facilitating Dialectical Behavior Therapy groups. She is also currently working in a psychiatric hospital, conducting individual and group therapy with GEI patients in the hospital. Additionally, she conducts risk assessments and psychodiagnostic evaluations in that setting. Ms. Kurkoske is interested in continuing her work with individuals in forensic settings in the areas of assessment and psychotherapy. She has a particular interest in working with individuals with trauma histories, and has conducted research to examine the relationship between trauma and personality features in females who are involved in the criminal justice system.


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For forensic psychological evaluations, expert consultations, or individual psychotherapy with Dr. Grounds please call 503.242.9833 or email drlgrounds@comcast.net.

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